3 in 1 set loola up creatis intense red rojo


Description 3-in-1 set loola up creatis intense red red

There is no obstacle that can resist you with the Loola Up Pack.
Its design makes it ideal for handling in urban areas, its driving is comfortable and light, thanks to the design of its chassis and its very comfortable one-piece handlebar.
Ultra-compact, lightweight and easy to store, it can be stored anywhere, even in the smallest trunks.
Practical to carry, thanks to its side handle that allows you to overcome all obstacles (stairs, public transport …). Practical in the day to day.

New, with original box

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The pack includes:

– Loola Up stroller
Loola Up Maximum comfort.
As compact as Loola, just as simple to open and close, Loola Up is innovative in design with its new full handlebar that makes riding easy. Loola Up draws attention both for its elegance and its practicality, offering maximum comfort to the baby.

– Height adjustable handlebar to adapt to the height of mom or dad.
– Handlebar designed to facilitate climbing curbs or steps and offer maximum maneuverability, with just one hand.
2 fabrics in 1:
– Reversible hammock clothing, to adapt to the baby’s needs at all times.
– A more padded and soft fabric, for babies, and a more resistant one, for children.

Maximum comfort:
– Adjustable suspensions according to the baby’s age:
– Softer position, adapted to newborns (less than 6 months)
– Harder position, for when the baby grows (after 6 months)
– Wrap-around hammock for correct support and reclining simultaneously, backrest and legrest. Adjustable from the back or facing the march, with a single gesture (Module Clip® System).
Small and practical.

As compact as Loola:
– Easy to open and close (Bébé Confort patent 3D folding).
– Practical to store or carry in the trunk of the car.
– Modulo Drive® command, to put the wheels fixed or pivoting easily (Bébé Confort Patent).
Totally equiped:
– Hood and bubble, included.
Easy maintenance:
– Easy to remove and wash clothing for impeccable hygiene.
Loola Up chassis.
• Open dimensions:
Length 101 x Width 61 x Height 95 to 105 cm
• Dimensions closed (without the hammock):
Length 26 x Width 35 x Height 92 cm
• Chassis weight: 7.6 kg
• Front wheels diameter: 165 mm
• Rear wheels diameter: 185 mm
• Tube diameter: profiles 50 x 30 mm
• Weight: 3 kg
• Seat width: 30 cm
• Seat depth: 23 cm
• Hammock length in reclined position: 80 cm