3D Mat for Group 1 AirLayer Car Seat

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  • Aerosleep AirLayer Unisex Baby Car Seat Covers – 3D Mat – Group 1 Beige (ASAL1SA)
    3D Mat for Group 1 AirLayer Car Seat, in beige.
    Unisex Infant Car Seat Covers
    AirLayer – 3D Mat – Group 1 Beige (ASAL1SA)
    3D honeycomb structure: 100% Polyester.
    Top layer: 100% organic cotton.
    Product weight: 270gr

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The AeroMoov Air Layer has been specially developed to ensure that your baby does not sweat in the Car, the Maxi Cosi or the Car Seat.
The soft 3D Honeycomb Lining is breathable and keeps your baby cool and dry all the way, even in summer!
Thanks to the 3D Honeycomb Structure that we already use in our AeroSleep products, your baby will travel comfortably.
Excess heat from the body is removed and replaced by cooler air from the environment.
Advantages of Air Layer:
Constant circulation of air in the area of the back, legs and head.
Reduced risk of overheating.
The baby will no longer have a wet back or hair will stick from sweat.
The top layer is made of soft Organic Cotton that wicks moisture and ensures that your baby is very comfortable.


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