Buggypod io Conversion Kit


To convert the Buggypod iO (available separately) into a comfortable 3-wheel buggy.
Quickly convert the sidecar into a stroller with the conversion kit.
Then it can be converted to a sidecar for a stroller, if you need a double stroller.
Two wheels and a brake colliding with your Buggypod iO (available separately). not suitable for Buggypod Lite.


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To convert the Buggypod io into a neat and complete pushchair  you’ll need the Buggypod io Conversion Kit.

Our new innovative design gives you the ultimate in flexibility and modularity: now, when you want to go solo with a neat-yet-complete buggy, simply clip the Buggypod io Conversion Kit* onto your Buggypod io.

With the Buggypod io Conversion Kit, the Buggypod io converts quickly from an add-on side-seat into an independent pushchair and back again. Buggypod io can be adapted and converted as the family’s needs change.  Ideal for everyday use and holiday travel.

Box contents:
1 x set of wheels and tubes
1 x foot brake
Buggypod io seat not included – available separately