Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra (SIZE M)


  • Comfortable and stretchy maternity bra;
  • Smooth and invisible design;
  • Revolutionary wireless support;
  • Can be used as a sleeping bra.

New, with original box (SIZE M)


The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra is designed to support your breasts from early in your pregnancy and to preserve your shape. The Carriwell Maternity Bra has an exeptionally soft, smooth fit.

The Carriwell Maternity Bra is ideal to wear during the day under t-shirts due to the smooth invisible design, and doubles as a comfortable sleeping bra.

Carriwell Maternity Bra features
Following health professionals’ advice, the Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra features a revolutionary elasticised under band and elastan-blend fabric body. These ensure a great support for the breast, whilst avoiding the threat of milk duct blockage (mastitis) caused by under-wire bras.

Designed to be exceptionally comfortable and easy to wear Carriwell Seamless Maternity Bra exhibits a X-back structure with no hooks, clasps or clips.
Covers up to two sizes so you don’t have to change your Carriwell Maternity Bra when milk comes in.
Material: Micro-fibre 91% Poyamide, 9% Elastane. Available in Black or White.