Colchoneta cambiador 4830 Geuther


Replacement changing mat 4830

Water-repellent and easily washable film
Cleaning the changing mat is quite easy, thanks to the water-repellent and washable material it can be wiped with a damp cloth if something has gone wrong.
Produktgruppe: Pflege
Series: Aqualino
Model: 4830 Star
Dimensions: approx. 50 x 74 cm
Item Weight: 1 Kg
Shipping weight: 2,000 Kg

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This changing mat not only fits the Aqualino 4830 and Maxi 4864, but also all other changing tables with a size of 50 x 74 cm. It is beautifully softly padded and has a very thick material. The beautiful colorful motive makes the bathroom much friendlier and the changing becomes a pleasure.
If you would like to travel or visit your relatives, you can simply take the changing mat with you.